The importance of visual effects in fights in tv and film



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Visual effects, digital visual effects, perceptual realism, reality effect, fighting, battle, narrative.


This project is a research into the importance of Visual Effects, especially Digital Visual Effects in Fights in Film and TV shows. It will discuss the role of these effects in enhancing fighting sequences to make them look more amazing than they would normally look because audiences expect more out of them nowadays that they are exposed to incredible fighting sequences in films and TV shows. It will also discuss how these effects make weaker-looking characters look stronger and more powerful by giving extraordinary abilities to the characters. A media work created to show this importance will be discussed too. The media work is a fight between two actors with no experience in any kind of fighting enhanced by digital visual effects. The project’s main aim is to motivate researchers of the area to write a book or academic text devoted exclusively to the importance of VFX in Film and TV shows. The effectiveness of the final piece was evaluated through online screenings, a multiple-choice questionnaire and self-critique.

Biografía del autor/a

Mijail Luis Intriago-Valdivieso, Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabí, Manta,

Master of Arts in Postproduction with Visual Effects, Bacharel em Cinema e Audiovisual, Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabí, Manta, Ecuador.


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Intriago-Valdivieso, M. L. (2021). The importance of visual effects in fights in tv and film. Dominio De Las Ciencias, 7(1), 179–212.



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